What paperwork do I need to sell my car in Oklahoma City?


Oklahoma has its own rules for selling a used car. This guide will help make the process easy.

Gather Documents

– Certificate of Title

– Complete the Assignment of Title section on the back of the title.

– Buyer name and address.

– Selling price.

– Date of sale.

– Odometer reading (cars less than 10 years old).

– Buyer’s signature.

– Your signature.

– You will also need to have it notarized.

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is optional in Oklahoma. You might still want to give one to the buyer and keep a copy. It could help if any tax or legal issues come up.

Vehicle History Report

By providing a vehicle history report, you show the buyer that you’re a trustworthy seller.


Complete The Sale

Remove the license plates before concluding the sale. You can transfer them to another car which you own.


Do you remember what it was like to sell a car in the old days? From posting to multiple auction sites and haggling with buyers to filling out piles of paperwork, the process often took days and even weeks to complete.

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How Do You Sell A Car Online With SnapAutos?

1. Share Your Vehicle Information

Enter your license plate or VIN to get started.

2. View Your Instant Offer

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3. Get Paid

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